Donald Trump - "Believe Me!"

  • 05 Sep 2016 10:41 AM
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    Donald Trump – Believe Me!

    Have you noticed the words Donald Trump most frequently uses to add emphasis to one of his empty promises?   He uses these words in a vain attempt to convince his audience of his sincerity and commitment.  It goes like this:  “Blah, Blah, Blah. Blah!  Believe Me!”    Have you also noticed his promises lack clarity and specificity?  They are strings of words – usually about a major problem or issue he promises to make right.  Some examples I recalled:

    Need a job?  Well Trump will fix that problem and create thousands and thousands of jobs, good jobs, and high paying jobs!  (Believe Me!)  He never tells how he will fulfill his promise – nor does he think the government can create enough jobs for all the unemployed?

    Has your Job lost when your company moved to a country where labor is cheaper? He says he can fix this by “negotiating” trade deals that will make it costly (if not impossible) for a company or an industry to leave the USA. (Believe Me!)  Does he know the constitution gives congress power to ratify treaties?

    Is illegal immigration draining our resources, costing jobs, and threatening your safety and security?  Trump has an solution for that:  He will build a large, beautiful, impenetrable wall across our southern border and the Mexicans will pay for it.  Believe Me!  The president of Mexico says his country will not pay for the wall.   So, if we build a wall, we will pay for it.

    Is your healthcare too expensive, not available, or inadequate because of Obamacare?  Trump will fix that by repealing “Obamacare” and replacing it with a wonderful program that will make good healthcare affordable and available to everyone.  (Believe Me!) Doesn’t he understand how difficult it was to create an Affordable Care Act and fund it?

    Are the schools your children attend failing and not preparing your children for a job and a good life?  Trump will fix that by giving you vouchers and choices that will create world class schools.  (Believe Me!)  Who will teach and administer these great schools – and will they provide free public education for all?

    Do you feel unsafe and threatened by all the terrorists (code for immigrants from somewhere else) who lurk around every corner in your town?  He will fix that by defeating ISIL and deporting all illegal aliens – and increasing the number of police in our inner cities.  (Believe Me!)  Does he really understand where terrorists come from and how they carry out their plans?

    Do you pay too much of your earnings for taxes?  He can remedy that by lowering  taxes (mostly giving the 1% and large corporations a tax break) so the economy is not burdened by laws and regulations based on theories like “Global Warming” and using a fair-share, balanced, and progressive tax system.  (Believe Me!)  Doesn’t he understand that taxes are high because we demand services and support from our elected government officials? Doesn’t he understand that “trickle down” plans have never worked?

    I could go on – but you get the idea.  The next time Mr. Trump is given “free television time” to deliver his empty promises, create fear and loathing, or lay out policy solutions that will never work – don’t Believe Him!.  Perhaps he should start telling us how he will accomplish all he has already promised! 

    No, Mr. Trump, I don’t believe you!

    Marvin J. Christensen                                 September 2016


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