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  • 22 Apr 2014 10:20 AM
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    Why the 2014 Mid-Term Elections Scare Me…

    Imagine a scenario including the most horrific outcome possibility for the 2014 mid-term elections…what would the future of the USA look like?  This is the kind of “game” I used with leaders as I engaged them in discussions of “what if” to help them identify goals and objectives for their organizations.   IF (1) The Republicans win all eight of the Senate seats the pundits have identified as “likely losses” for Democrats and (2) The majority in the House of Representatives grows to become “veto – proof” - Think about what the near-term future might be…

    If this happens – would these be possible:

    • 1.       The Affordable Care Act would be repealed and replaced by a program of vouchers to replace Medicare and Medicaid favoring the profits for Health Insurance companies;
    • 2.       The Executive directives regarding the “Dreamers” would be reversed; and there would be no effort to generate a “comprehensive immigration law” to solve the problem of “illegals;”
    • 3.       The Executive directives regarding pollution and sustainable replacement of  “fossil  fuel” with environmentally friendly solar and wind energy would be legislated out, allowing the coal and oil industries to revert to their old practices of operation – ‘screw’ the environment;
    • 4.       Inequality within American society would increase as wage stagnation for the middle and lower level wage earners grows, tax incentives for the wealthy and corporations will be introduced as “tax reform,” and employee unions will be legislated “out of existence;”
    • 5.       As members of the Supreme Court decide to retire (at least two of them likely), President Obama would be blocked by the Senate from appointing any progressive, liberal judges;
    • 6.       Government agencies (like the EPA, IRS, NSA, HEW, FDC, etc.) will be restricted in their missions, unable to accomplish their intended purposes;
    • 7.       Continued turmoil and unrest in the middle-east will result in our intervention – probably on the ground – in the name of “national security;”  and
    • 8.       The most radical (far right) segment of the Republican majority would press to impeach President Obama for any of a number of illegal (in their mind) actions and failure to enforce the constitution and laws of the United States.

    I could go on and on – but you get the idea.  I believe there will be devastating consequences for our country if we do not AT LEAST maintain the status quo in our federal government.  The voices of the Tea Party are drowning out the voices of bi-partisanship and compromise.   The notion of a balance of power between the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches has already been threatened and will continued to be skewed toward more conservative, less progressive principles.  These are not pleasant thoughts – but they could happen.  Now think about what might happen in Arizona! 

    What to do?  Get worried and start working to elect leaders who will take us in a different direction.  To be sure, all Democrats are not perfectly aligned with a progressive vision for the country.  But I believe it is better to elect a Democrat to office than to hide in a corner while the Tea Party (or Republican Party driven by the Tea Party) destroys democracy as it should be. Talk to your friends, go out of your way to talk about the “What-Ifs” above, and support candidates you think share a vision of “democracy for the many – not democracy for the money.” (Thanks to Nancy Pelosi for this statement!)

    Marvin Christensen (2014)

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